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Kerala has nothing but pleasant surprises for tourists and enthusiastic travelers. With the never ending stacks of coconut palms on one side and the scenic view of the Western Ghats on the other, you just can’t get enough of God’s Own Country. Planning to give the land of coconuts a visit? We’ll give you the list of best places to visit in Kerala.



Also known as Kochi, the city became famous for its major port area on the west coast of the Arabian Sea. For the very same reason, the city has a sobriquet – The Queen of the Arabian Sea. It ranks first in the top tourist destinations in Kerala and India. Kochi has been welcoming traders and travelers right from the ancient times. The Paradesi Synagogue, built way back in 1568, is a major tourist attraction in Kochi. The Marine Drive is a popular promenade overlooking the backwaters. The hangout is surrounded by malls and a favorite place for the locals and foreigners alike. The Hill Palace is the largest archeological museum in Kerala. A not-to-miss destination in Kochi is Fort Kochi, a place of historical significance. The famous Cheena Vala (Chinese fishing nets) can be spotted here.



Often described as one of the top places you must visit before breathing your last, Varkala is famous or its beautiful coastline and beach. The place was initially unexplored and it was in the recent past that Varkala became a commercial spot for tourists. Owing to the running coastline, beaches are a common sight in Kerala but what makes Varkala unique is the cliff by the beach. The cliff is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The beach stretches up to a kilometer and is sure to offer you the best sightseeing experience.



Trivandrum is referred to the locals as Thiruvananthapuram, a name honoring the main temple deity, Sri Padmanabhaswamy. Loosely translated, Thrivananthapuram means ‘the City of Lord Ananta. The temple is the most iconic landmark in Kerala. According to recent estimates, the value of the monumental items and other assets of the temple are worth more than $18 billion. Apart from the temple, Kovalam beach and Shangumukham beach are popular destinations for tourists. The Trivandrum Zoo is also worth a visit.



Are you a big fan of wildlife? If so, Thekkady is the perfect spot for you. Elephants, tigers, deers, boars and more of the sort that you do not get to view very easily. Thekkady has a special boat trip around the small strips of land where the wildlife resides. With a bit of luck, you will easily be able to spot a bunch of elephants. The tigers are a bit shy and do not come out in the open very often but like mentioned before; you might get to see one or two if you are lucky.

Make sure you visit these places if you ever decide to make Kerala your destination. There are more places to explore and experience but these are the ones that will give any traveler a good start.

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